Monday, July 23, 2007

Military Spouse Magazine Announces 2007 Who's Who of Military Spouses

Do you recognize anyone?

Military Spouse magazine announces 2007 Who's Who of Military Spouses
By Military Spouse magazine, a Victory Media, Inc. publication

In the last few years, the military spouse community has changed. Spouses have taken charge of their community and created the much-needed resources to meet the shifting requirements of military spouses worldwide.

The 2007 Who's Who of Military Spouses list recognizes military spouses who have made significant contribution in the military community for all military spouses. The leaders of the military spouse community were chosen based on their service-wide appeal, commitment to military spouses and professional development. Military Spouse magazine, a Victory Media, Inc. publication, is proud to be the resource to bring you this comprehensive list of deserving spouses in the world of the military. The listed spouses will be profiled in the next three issues of Military Spouse magazine as noted below.

September/October 2007:
Sue Hoppin, Military Officer Association of America (MOAA), Assistant Director for Spouse Outreach, Air Force Spouse
Sarah Smiley, syndicated columnist, author of Going Overboard: The Misadventures of a Military Wife, Navy Spouse
Deb Kloeppel, Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN), Founder and President, Navy Spouse
Meredith Leyva, Operation Homefront, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Navy Spouse
Andi Hurley, Spouse BUZZ, Founder, Army Spouse

November/December 2007:
Joyce Raezer, NMFA, Chief Operating Officer, Army Spouse
Jacey Eckhart, syndicated columnist, radio personality and author of The Homefront Club, Navy Spouse
Roxanne Reed, Jane Wayne Gear, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Marine Corps Spouse
Tanya Biank, Author of Army Wives: The Unwritten Code of Military Marriage, Army Spouse
Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer, motivational speakers and co-authors of Help! I'm a Military Spouse and I Want a Life, too!
Victoria Parham, Military Spouse Talk Radio, President and Founder, Army Spouse

January 2008, first monthly issue:
Who's Who Spouses to watch in 2008
Kristin Henderson, Author
Janet Farley, Author
Karen Pavlicin, Author
Nicole Alcorn and Karie Darga, Military Spouse Monument, Founders
Krista Wells, Ph.D, The Military Spouse Coach TM
Shannon Maxwell and Robin Kelleher, Hope for the Warriors non-profit, Founders

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